Which Game Is Better, Pokemon White or Pokemon Black?

Two new versions of Pokemon Games have been released, Pokemon White and Pokemon Black. Both versions have similar story line with some differences in environment and Pokemons. For Pokemon game fans, the question is, which one is better, Pokemon black or white?

The game play is totally different than previous versions. TheĀ Pokemon Version Emeraude ROM story is set in a new Unova region with all new Pokemons to catch and train. There are 150 new Pokemons that you can catch and train. However, the white version has 32 more Pokemons than the black version. White version has a rural and natural look and most Pokemons are found in the white forest. You will get the electric dragon Zekrom in the white version. Many gamers love it because of its natural look that reminds them of old Pokemon games.

On the other hand, the black version has a technological look. It has less Pokemons but better trainers. So, you can easily train them and level up quickly. It has the black city where you will find the trainers and they drop many rare items that can give you the edge in the battles. Many gamers love it because it has some distinct advantage when it comes to battles. You will get the fire dragon Reshiram with this version. It is more powerful then Zekrom and when both Zekrom and Reshiram are at top level, Reshiram will have the edge to beat Zekrom.

Both games are good and most of the time the personal choice of each individual determines which one is better than the other, Pokemon black or Pokemon white.

There is an awesome trade option available with these two games. You can trade Pokemons for rare items and vice versa. Many people bought the white version because they think it will give them an edge in trading. There are two types of battles available with these two games, Rotation battles and Triple battles. Both battles are quite similar where you fight with three Pokemons. In Rotation battles, you can send one at a time to fight your opponent, but you can change the Pokemon any time you want. Whereas, in Triple battles, all three of your Pokemons can fight their respective opponents.


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