What are the different categories of loans?

Before making a large purchase it is always a good idea to save up. However, it is often difficult to make savings due to the increasing demands of necessities at home. At such times, the idea of a loan is not a bad one as it can act as a bridge to fulfil your dream. Several best licensed money lender in Philippines are available for money lending. Many expenses such as education, purchasing a house, paying medical bills, etc are some reasons for applying for loans. Listed below are some types of loans.

What is a loan?

When a lender provides money to a person or organisation with a certain warranty or established confidence, the process is named borrowing money on interest or taking a loan. In recent times availing loans has become easy and fast.

Personal loan

Personal loans are the easiest to get and are mainly used for Holidays, Weddings, Emergencies, Medical therapy, Home renovations, Debt unification, migration to a new city, buying computers or other costly electronic items.

Home equity loan

If you have equity in your residence, you might be eligible to avail a home equity loan, also understood as a double mortgage. The equity you have in your home is the percentage of your home that you possess and not the bank that secures the loan. You can generally borrow up to 80% of your home’s equity, which is paid out as a lot sum and reimbursed over five to 10 years.

Student loan

There are two kinds of student loans: national and personal. National student loans can be availed through the Free Application for national Student Aid (FAFSA). Federal learner loans commonly come with more protections and advantages but charge slightly higher interest rates. Confidential student loans come with many occasional protections, but if your recognition is good, you could qualify for promising rates.

Auto loan

Auto loans are a type of ensured loan that you can utilize to buy an automobile with a repayment tenure of around three years. In this case, the collateral for the loan is the automobile itself. If you do not pay, the lender will repossess the car. You can normally get auto loans from credit federations, banks, online lenders and even car dealerships.


We may not always have the money needed to do certain things or to buy specific things. In such conditions, businesses, firms, organizations and go for the option of borrowing money from lenders. it is important to consider the necessary amount and self-capabilities before deciding on the loan amount.

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