Understanding The Drink Drive Limit And How To Stay Under It

Understanding The Drink Drive Limit And How To Stay Under It


According to some statistical evidence, deaths from accidents caused by driving over the legal drink drive limit are down compared to twenty years ago, but there are still too many deaths and serious injuries involving people who have been driving over the official limit. An average three thousand people are either killed or seriously High Range Drink Driving Queensland injured each year due to people having been driving while over the drink drive limit.

Police Crack Down

The police are currently trying to crack down on the extent to which people are drinking and driving in the UK. They are using roadside checkpoints in an attempt to catch those who have been drinking before taking to the roads. Once a vehicle stops for the checkpoint the police have the right to ask for a breath test. You do have the right to say no if there is no reason for stopping you other than the fact of the random checkpoint. Few people want to be branded as troublemakers in the eyes of the law so the vast majority will usually comply and take the test.

The police do in excess of 500,000 breath tests every year. Of these, about one hundred thousand people fail their breath test, which means that there are a lot of drivers on the road who are over the legal limit for driving after consuming alcohol. And this of course does not include all those who were not tested.

If you are pulled over on suspicion of drink driving and refuse to give a breath test or any other alcohol test you will be arrested for driving over the drink drive limit. All laws that affect a driver under the influence will affect you even if you had nothing to drink. Being pulled over on suspicion of being under the influence is different to being randomly stopped at a checkpoint, so you do not have the right to refuse the test.

Understanding The Drink Drive Limit

You can be charged with drink driving if your blood alcohol is 80 mg per 100 ml of blood, your breath alcohol is 35 microgrammes per 100 ml or the alcohol in your urine is 107mg per 100ml.