• Tarot Card: Six of Wands
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Watchwords: Victory, Resolved, Acknowledged
  • Confirmation: I praise my inward force.

Leap to:

  • Which means: General – Love — career — Health
  • Timetable: Past — present — Future
  • Other: Reversed



Six of Wands’ card of achievement and administration was in some cases deciphered as the one to report activity against another when the internal flames have settled down. However, circumstances are different, and the ethical shift prompted its more certain job. This is where individuals join in following their one genuine pioneer, an individual gallant and appealing enough to rouse and empty their own life into others. It shows us as triumphant, commending victories we have figured out how to make after each of those difficulties introduced by the Five of Wands. It is a characteristic development of disorder when the request is reestablished as everybody binds together to work for a similar reason and a similar far-off ideal. Virtues will consolidate well, and a group of individuals cooperating gets an entirely new note, making how they deal with a share a way of thinking with the world, on a mission that is felt in everybody’s heart.


Six of Wands discusses common regard and appreciation in cozy connections and heartfelt bonds and brings up the transparency in a relationship that makes it legit, valid, and clear to the two accomplices. This is the need to associate with adequate room for Self, with somebody to appreciate similarly they are being valued. It shows that a common language has been found between darlings who have had clashes previously and reports seasons of harmony. Common regard has been set up, and everybody sees their inward light just as the light of their accomplice. An enduring bond, for example, carries wellbeing and creative energy to the two people included.


The whole framework may change with Six of Wands in the image, and each vocation perusing where it focuses its light of accomplishment is clear about the things that can be accomplished. It requires a consistent heart and stomach, an individual to be prepared to unquestionably and bravely lead the way. It sees a position figure as the one liable to help other people comprehend their motivation and gain the ability to know east from west. This card shows that the ideal opportunity for significantly more learning has come. However, it ought to be pragmatic, helpful, grounded through contacts with individuals who participate well with every one of their disparities when there is one truth to be sought after.


Most medical conditions identified with this card are related to the concealment of our solid character and the feeling of disgrace we may need to impart our achievements to the remainder of the world. On the off chance that we look for affirmation from others, we could trouble our stomach, our neck, and throat and make it difficult to sincerely and uninhibitedly express our pride in our doings. This card needs us to sparkle, to show ourselves straightforwardly and unreservedly to the remainder of the world, without keeping down. It shows that we have effectively beat our diseases. We are on the way to recovery, bringing up the correct method to follow when we are in a sound and respectful relationship principally with Self.


With this present card’s turned-around position, we never truly realize who to trust. Individuals may commend us as we move along while sending harmful energies and talking despite our good faith. It brings difficulties of achievement just as out faltering to move towards the noble and good objective because of dread that we will be deceived or deserted en route. This is where some distance can prove to be helpful, so we can feel our picked way in our heart and consider ourselves to be power as something to be utilized for everyone’s benefit, rather than stowing away from our hate to find a way into undesirable standards of subdued feelings in the general public. With this setting, achievement may make somebody vain, self-important, and challenging to work.


Past – With the Six of Wands set previously, our seasons of progress and notoriety are now established. It might show that our chance to make history is behind us. Now we need to relinquish the picture and the status we clutched, give the twirly doo to the following individual in line to sparkle with their accomplishments or  astrology zodiac sign  dial down planning for the new stage or self-improvement. It generally shows that we have figured out how to determine a contention beneficially. Our endeavours were quiet and devoted, prompting objectives that supported our certainty and a feeling of individual strength.

Present: With the blazing energies adjusted, you are prepared to investigate the future and work towards the ideal from a steady place of accomplishment. Accomplishments are ensured with this perspective and power, for this is the place where it turns out to be challenging to shake us cockeyed and break our will. Thoughts are full-grown and fit to be executed into huge frameworks, and offering them to environmental factors could be more fulfilling than we may expect. A second is ideal for public discourses and for the inward light of an individual to radiate on others so information and focused harmony can be shared.

Future: This is a steady situation for the Six of Wands, giving us something to anticipate in the period of scarcity, as though the entire motivation behind the card was to welcome us to continue making solid advances. It is simply the mark of soundness we wish to accomplish, an enthusiastic drop down the way and experience of a consistent and fantastic life. It declares a calling we’ll detect in our tummy and discusses when we’ll be experienced and honourable enough to lead the path for others also.


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