Should You Hire a Handyman Service or Fix It Yourself?

You may assume that you cannot afford handyman services for your house. However, when you consider the alternatives, you will see that this is actually the cheapest option available. Learn why each common alternative is often a bad move financially.

Many people choose to ignore the issue first. Whether you Handyman services need a ceiling fan installed or a stair step repaired, you might just try to ignore the problem for a long time in the hopes that it will fix itself. However, it never will, and you will end up not being able to use various parts of your house. You do not want to have to avoid a broken step every time you use the stairs, or try not to look at a broken tile in your kitchen. You want to take pride in your house and enjoy it to the fullest, which is why paying for handyman services is usually the best and easiest option.

Another common move is to try to fix it yourself. Not surprisingly, this rarely goes very well unless you have some expertise at repairing or installing items. For instance, it may be hard to install a ceiling fan if you are unsure about how wiring works, or cannot easily balance on a ladder to reach the ceiling. You might end up hurting yourself or breaking the new fan. Fixing a broken step, cupboard, or door can also result in you further breaking items, or injuring yourself in the process. At the very least, you may find later that you did not do it right. The step may break again, the door may not be able to open, and the ceiling fan may never work, or worse, it will fall down. To avoid any of these issues, you should spring for handyman services. After all, they are usually quite cost effective.

This is especially true when you compare the costs of having a specialist do the job. For example, if you try to pay an electrician to install a fan or new lights, you will be charged much higher prices, in most cases. If you get a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor to do small jobs, you may pay a lot more than you would expect. Of course, some handymen also have these qualifications, but they still usually charge less than specialists do for the same job. Therefore, you can save yourself some money by choosing a handyman for the task instead of a major company that specializes in higher priced subjects.

If you are not sure whether handyman services will save you money, you are encouraged to get some quotes from both handymen and specialists near you so you can compare. Obviously any price quote you get will be higher than ignoring the issue or doing it on your own. However, consider the likely results of each, too. Ask yourself whether you want to finally start enjoying all aspects of your house, not just ignoring the broken parts. You should also consider whether you want the peace of mind that comes with leaving the job to the professionals, not doing it yourself.


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