Remodeling Kitchens – Art and Arrangement

What is your time worth? How much gas have you gone through driving from store to store or back and forth to the same store agonizing over a decision about what color paint you should choose for this room or what wall tile should I choose for my kitchen backsplash? Today more than ever before people are turning to online shopping for their home brick kitchen backsplash improvement needs. Even the big box stores now have online shopping that allows you to purchase your item on the Internet and have it shipped to your front door or nearest store location. I recently had a customer who ordered a kitchen tile backsplash from my Cottage Craft Tile website. She made her decisions over the course of three lunch breaks in her office. We spoke on the phone, I faxed some concept drawings, sent some samples via Priority mail and saved her three horrible evenings of dragging her husband and kids in tow to the local tile store. I had another customer who said he made his decision to purchase my Cottage Craft Tile while surfing the web at one o’clock in the morning..How convenient is that!

Many companies that sell on the internet simply do not have the over head that brick and mortar stores have and therefore that means savings for you. If you’ve ever had reservations about purchasing decorative home improvement products online, like tile, here are a few tips that will go a long way in assuring you have a good experience.

Testing the water by ordering samples will give you a good idea of how efficient the company is in providing good service. Remember, the $10-$20 you may spend on samples would be the same $10-$20 you’d be putting in your gas tank running around from store to store. Speak to someone in customer service. Even if you have to make up a question to ask, the tone you get from speaking to a customer service rep can often tell you a lot about the company. Shipping fees can often times be one of those expenses that are overlooked, especially when it comes to a heavier item like tile. Make sure the company is very clear about shipping costs, no estimates, no additional handling charges. Get a guaranteed quote on shipping.

Remember the aforementioned advice and you’ll be well on your way to a pleasant online shopping experience. How do you find the best online deals? CLICK, CLICK,CLICK! When you type what you’re looking for in a search engine, why not start on page 15 and work your way back to page one. Often times the diamonds are hidden in the rough. Companies spend big money on search engine optimization and ultimately that cost gets passed on to you. I hope this helps all of you online shoppers!


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