4 WordPress hosting features that make it popular

If you are considering WordPress hosting services, then you must be interested in acquiring information about aspects such as WordPress hosting price, features that make it popular, etc. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Below four essential WordPress Hosting Features are given that make it popular among the crowd. So without any further delay, let us start!

  • Uptime

If you are planning to purchase a WordPress hosting service, then searching for aspects such as uptime is equally important as areas like WordPress hosting price. Uptime is considered one of the essential features that can help you in building the reputation of your website. Always try to invest in a plan that can offer you 99% of uptime. This will help you in attracting potential customers for your business.

  • Speed

All of us, when visiting the internet, want fast speed and services related to it, right? So if you are purchasing a WordPress hosting service, then go for a plan that can offer you high-speed services. With a wide variety available, you can easily explore options such as Bluehost that can provide the required services with ease.

  • Security

Any type of hosting like shared hosting or managed wp hosting should be able to offer you with required safety and security in times of need. Your plan must protect you from phishing emails, malware scams, viruses, and many more threats. So before purchasing collect accurate information related to it beforehand.

  • Support

In certain specific situations, your plan should offer you the required 24 hours support so that you can work efficiently. There are many hosting providers, such as BlueHost, that you can consider. So if you are going to choose dedicated hosting or managed WordPress hosting in India, always research before purchasing.

Are there any plans that I can choose from?

Many hosting providers, such as Bluehost, can offer you several options. Some of the plans are given below.

  • Basic Plan

One can avail of this plan at Rs 169 per month with 50 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, a free staging environment, including many more.

  • Plus Plan

If you want to manage multiple sites at once, then a plus plan can be the ideal option for you. You can avail of this plan at Rs 279 per month, and with the presence of features such as unlimited websites, 100+ free WordPress themes, and many more can offer your customers the required customer experience.

  • Choice Plus

If you want to manage multiple websites with backups, then choice plus can be an ideal option for you. Features such as a free staging environment, unmetered SSD storage, and unlimited websites make it the best choice for users.


WordPress hosting is a popular option that you can consider to host a website. So if you want to launch your product or service, go for it after getting proper knowledge about the features and services.

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